"I started "CARB-CONTROL" to see if it would work. I have been severely hypoglycemic for over 30 years. That, coupled with a tendency to overeat has always made it very difficult to achieve and maintain an optimum weight. I started taking "CARB-CONTROL" to see if it would, first and foremost, help me with my blood sugar. Amazingly, it did. I am hyper-sensitive to carbs and "CARB-CONTROL" has really evened me out! I could never stick with Atkins diet, because going carb-free didn't feel good, plus I didn't really lose weight. Now with "CARB-CONTROL", I feel like Goldilocks: JUST RIGHT! I have started eating more healthy foods and controlling my portions, and I have lost a few pounds. My weight loss goal is within reach! I am hooked!"

~Review by Kathy A., Stockton CA on CARB-CONTROL


"Effective natural product! I will continue to buy this product as it was effective for me!!! I have lost almost 3kg within one month without any serious dieting. What I felt most amazing is I did not feel uncomfortable at all. I love it!!!" 

Review by Sun on CARB-CONTROL


"An almost painless way to lose weight. I have been heavy and a size 16 all of my adult life. I came back from a vacation and realised that my size 16 clothes were tight, and decided I had to do something about it. I have been very sceptical about all these "diet pills" over the years, and had never tried any of them. But someone told me they had heard about "Carb-Control", and gave me my first bottle. With nothing to lose (except the weight!) I tried it. Seven or eight months later I have lost 30 pounds, and am somewhere between size 10 and 12. My cholesterol is down, and everyone is telling me how great I look (The downside is that I had to buy an entirely new wardrobe). I have to say that this was an almost painless way to lose weight for me. My weakness is carbs (bread) and fried food, and I will admit that I gave up almost all fried food during this period (although I wasn't eating it much before anyway as it is so unhealthy). But I didn't have to give up bread (and even some butter) in a restaurant, and ate hamburgers at lunch when I felt like it, and even ate some pasta. I have now recommended it to several other people who are also having success with it. Thank you "Carb-Control"!" 

~ Review by Leslie G., NY on CARB-CONTROL


"No more gout attack! I was introduced to CHERRY-PURE that can help mitigate gout conditions so I decided to introduce to one of my friend, and he bought one bottle to try. This biz friend experience gout attacks each time he drinks beer. The moment he drinks beer; within next one to two day he will suffer painful gout attack. He went to Manila for biz meeting and as part of entertainment, he will drink with his clients even tho’ he knows the consequences. So he decides to see if CHERRY-PURE product really works by consuming CHERRY-PURE before he starts drinking beer. He texts me from Manila with such excitement that he did not suffer gout attack during the drinking session. It proves that CHERRY-PURE really works!" 

~ Review by Peter Ang on CHERRY-PURE


"Effective product for gout. My husband suffered from gout for many years. Whenever he consumes seafood, peanuts or beers; he will suffer attack within next few days. When I was introduced to CHERRY-PURE that can helped reduced uric acid; I decided to buy one bottle for him to try during CNY 2018. During the CNY celebration, my husband consumes all food without constraint including those high in uric acid. Amazingly, he did not suffer any gout attack and was so happy. Now, he consumes CHERRY-PURE every day to keep his gout condition in control. I highly recommended anyone with gout to take this product." 

~ Review by Kennie Yeoh on CHERRY-PURE


"Sleep improved! I have difficulty falling asleep at night as I work long hours. This product helps my body to relax. I also love it because it is high in antioxidants! Will recommend CHERRY-PURE to my friends who have gout too." 

~ Review by Poh Yeok on CHERRY-PURE


"My muscle aches only last for a very short time and I am able to continue training... I'm 21 years old I love swimming and train at least 3 times a week. When I get out of the pool, I do stretching exercise to release tension from the muscles. Even after doing thorough stretching, I still feel aches in my muscles, may be due to them being over strained. A friend recommended me Alpha-Wellness' CHERRY-PURE that would speed up muscle recovery. Initially I was not keen on taking such supplements but decided to try it one day as the aches in my arms and legs were getting worse. After being introduced to this product, I feel the difference and my muscle aches last for a very short while and I am able to continue with my daily work without feeling much discomfort. Try it yourself, It will not disappoint!" 

~ Review by Ms. Janelle Foo on CHERRY-PURE


"I easily fall asleep in the afternoon, especially after my lunch. I could not concentrate at work and have to endure my sleepiness for those hours. It was so miserable. After taking Alpha-Wellness GINSENG CK-PURE, I feel more alert and do not fall asleep so easily. I am now able to focus more and do my work well!"

~ Review by Mr. Daniel Tang, 31 years old on GINSENG CK-PURE


"This helps me to cope with fatigue and moodiness. Back to natural cure! Processing simple plant to treat so many kinds of problems - UNBELIEVABLE! I am now eating Alpha-Wellness' GINSENG CK-PURE and is surprised by the energy and goodness in helping me to cope with fatigue and moodiness! Highly recommended - thumbs up!"

~ Review by Ms. Charlotte Lim, 49 years old on GINSENG CK-PURE


"I am a Kindergarten teacher. The nature of my work requires energy and stamina as I teach and interact with young children. After taking Alpha-Wellness Fermented Red Ginseng, I am more alert and energetic the entire day. Great Product! Easy and convenient to consume. Now, I am more alert and energetic the entire day."

~Review by Ms. Gladys Ong, 55 years old


"Every morning, I always got up with sneezing. However, after taking Alpha-Wellness GINSENG CK-PURE, my sneezing frequency is lesser now. Thanks to the Fermented Red Ginseng that boost my immune system. It really works! My sneezing frequency is lesser now!"

~ Review by Ms. Vanessa Ang, 16 years old on GINSENG CK-PURE


"Mr. Poon WF, 78 years old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and also found to have a 4mm cancerous lump in his intestine. Despite undergoing radiotherapy and operation to remove the lump and under medication, his health continued to deteriorate. He was very week, looking pale and dehydrated. He felt tired and has to rest in his bed practically everyday. He had no appetite and his temper worsened. His blood count and platelets had also reduced tremendously.

After being introduced and taking Alpha-Wellness Fermented Red Ginseng for about a week, Mr. Poon is more energetic and don't get tired easily. He is now able to get up from his bed, to have a meal with his family, and travel outside practically everyday for a couple of hours without feeling tired. His blood count and platelets also increased. The doctor believed it was the Fermented Red Ginseng that boosted his immunity and advised him to carry on. Thanks to Alpha-Wellness Fermented Red Ginseng, it has improved Mr. Poon's quality of life! "I am more energetic and don't tire easily!""

~ Review by Mr. Poon WF & Family on GINSENG CK-PURE


"After consuming OMEGA 7-PURE for 3 months, I feel that my body is more relaxed and I am better to sleep well at night. Probably due to the decrease of my body's inflammation level. I will continue to take this product for the health of my heart and overall well-being. Great product for heart and energy."

~ Review by Poh Yeok on OMEGA 7-PURE


"I am Ismail and I am 68 years old. In year 2012, my left eye was diagnosed to have cataract which greatly affected my life due to blur vision. And for my right eye, it has mild cataract. Therefore, the doctor advised me to undergo an operation to remove the cataract on my left eye since it was more serious, then come back one year later for the right eye check-up to determine the seriousness of cataract and if the operation is needed for my right eye.

During this period, I came across with Alpha-Wellness OMEGA 7-PURE and have been taking the product for more than half a year. I normally take one softgel every morning after my breakfast. When I went back for my eye's check-up, the doctor was surprised that my right-eye cataract did not worsen over one-year time. So I was not required to go for the second cataract surgery and the doctor will monitor for another half a year. He asked me what I have taken during this period to slow the development of cataract on my right eye and I shared with him that I have been taking OMEGA 7-PURE. The doctor was surprised that my right-eye cataract did not worsen over one-year time.

~ Review by Ismail Bin Ishak on OMEGA 7-PURE

"With Alpha-Wellness Pita Cushion Seat I feel comfortable, and can drive continuously for 6 hours with no aches and after 6 hours I can still can walk properly. Before that without the PITA Cushion Seat, both legs are sore. My experience with the Pita seat is that I feel cool on the top potion and the heat from my body dissipate and after 6 hours it's so fantastically good, I am still hanging on to the seat!"

~ Review by Elisha, Cabby Driver on Alpha-Wellness Chair Cushion PITA Seat